Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few tricks for treating insect bites!

You don't have to sit back and just passively put up with insects, especially those that like to bite (mosquitoes, wasps etc.). Eat asparagus and your sweat will develop an odor that repels insects. Or apply lemon oil to your skin. If you are bitten, there are natural substances to soothe the irritation. Aloe vera has  extraordinary powers of soothing skin disorders. It is available in forms for both internal and external application in most health and beauty stores.

If you have one of these amazing plants growing at home, cut the tip off one of the leaves (the leaf will heal itself). Apply the pulp and juice to the itching or swollen area. Lightly boiled cabbage or leek makes an excellent analgesic poultice. Of course, if you are hiking in the woods, you might have a little trouble finding cabbage! Plantain also works well. Cut it and rub it to get to the juice then apply it to the affected area.

What to do when you get something in your eye

Got some dust in your eye? Or some other irritant like an eyelash or cigarette ash?

You can use the following technique to help others as wellas yourself.

Before doing anything, make sure you don't do what you absolutely

shouldn't: rub or press the eye, lift the eyelid, or remove contact lenses

without washing your hands.

How to proceed?

· Examine your eye. Is it red? Swollen? Is it tearing? What do you feel? Does it itch? Burn? Is your vision blurred?

· Let nature do its work - it is usually effective. Tears and natural eye movements will usually get rid of the irritation.

· Try rinsing your eye with some warm water, or with drops. You can pull on the skin around the eyes, but don't touch the eyelid.

· If this doesn't work, wash your hands, and then lift both the upper and lower eyelids to locate the irritant. Is it on the inside of one of the eyelids, or is it stuck to the eyeball itself? Pour some sterilized, warm water on your eye to flush the irritant out.

· If you can't locate the irritant or if the discomfort persists after you have removed the particle, you would better consult a doctor.

Losing weight: The Pakistani method

Pakistani women have an amazing trick they use to stay slim: they keep a string permanently tied around their forearms. According to Dr. Drupas, a gentle but constant pressure on the nerves in the forearm stimulates certain glands, particularly those involved in weight control (thyroid, suprarenals). Why don't you try it? Find two ordinary rubber bands and place them around your right forearm, one third of the way up between your
wrist and elbow. The rubber bands should exert noticeable pressure without cutting
off blood circulation and should not slip or slide when you move your arm. This is not a tourniquet!
For best results, you have to wear the rubber bands constantly, even at night when you sleep. It is also recommended not to wear any other jewelry on the right arm.